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Sleep Study Preparation

Pre-Study Preparation
After scheduling the appointment, a Patient Information/Questionnaire Packet will be mailed to the patient's mailing address on record. The patient must complete this information packet in advance and bring it with him/her to the sleep center on the day of the test. The information in the packet helps our Sleep Technologists in performing the test in a prompt, accurate manner. It also provides our patients with specific instructions on how to prepare for the test. Please carefully review all of the information and contact us with any questions or concerns.

What to Expect During the Sleep Study
Upon arrival of the patient, a Sleep Technologist will review all the necessary paperwork, explain the test procedure and the equipment, and show the private test room. Time will be given for our patients to relax and prepare for the study, and the Technologist will set-up the monitoring equipment for the test, including the recording leads, sensors, and belts. The Technologist will monitor your test progress from a nearby Test Control Room throughout the study and will be readily available to assist the patient to make his/her stay as comfortable and safe as possible.

What to Expect After Your Sleep Study
A board-certified Sleep Technologist will review the test data the next morning, and one of our sleep specialist physicians will perform the final evaluation of the test. A detailed test result report will be sent to the referring physician's office via fax and mail within two (2) to three (3) business days after the test. The patient should then make a follow-up appointment with the referring physician to discuss test results and review the possible treatment options. At that time, the referring physician may also request another sleep test and/or request the patient to schedule a formal consultation with one of our sleep specialist physicians for further care.

Treatment Options
For more treatment options, please click here.

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