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Office Staff
Our office staff members are selected for their professionalism and for their genuine concerns for our patients. Patient care is our most important priority, and our staff members undergo a development and educational trainings on a regular basis to continue improving their customer service skills. They are available to assist our patients with any questions or concerns they have regarding their appointments, our office policies, and insurance or billing-related issues.

Managed Care Referral Policy
Our staff members are obligated and trained to follow our patients' insurance company's guidelines. If a referral is necessary for a consultation appointment, testing or treatment, it is our patients' responsibility to have all the required paperwork at the time of the visit. Because we may not be able to obtain the referral by telephone or by fax on the day of the office/lab visit, we ask our patients to stop by or contact the referring physician's office in advance for any required paperwork prior to your actual appointment with us.

If our patients do not have all the required paperwork with him/her at the time of the appointment, we will ask for a personal check or an imprint of the credit card. We would then refund the payment to him/her when we actually receive the proper paperwork. In this case, the patient also has the option to reschedule any visit us for a later date for which he/she has the proper paperwork.

Test Results
A detailed test report will be faxed and mailed to the referring and primary care physician on record. Please make certain that all the information is complete and accurate when completing the Patient Information Sheet inside the Patient Questionnaire Packet. Accurate information is necessary for us to maintain a continuity of care between our patients and their physician(s); therefore, we ask our patients to make sure to provide the correct name and the mailing address of their physicians.

Due to our patient confidentiality and privacy issues, our office staff members are NOT allowed to discuss the test results with our patients or any other third parties over the phone. We only perform sleep testing ordered by your physician in writing; therefore we request that our patients contact their physician's office directly for the test result(s).

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