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Types of Sleep Tests

Sleep Disorders - Types of Sleep Tests

To diagnosis your sleep problems, our experts often recommend an overnight sleep test at one of our sleep centers. Each sleep study is conducted using the most technologically advanced equipment available to ensure prompt and accurate results. Our facilities offer patients a relaxing environment for sleeping with comfortable, homelike bedroom settings.

The diagnostic sleep testing performed at our centers includes but is not limited to:

Polysomnogram (PSG)
A test designed to analyze a patient's physical state during sleep. It is a painless test, which monitors sleep patterns, breathing patterns, heart function, muscle activities, brain waves, and other important factors.

CPAP Titration
The medical treatment phase of a sleep test. After PSG analysis identifies a patient to have sleep disordered breathing, the patient is place on a CPAP machine with a mask or nasal pillows. The patient is then allowed to resume sleeping. The CPAP Machine is adjusted gradually throughout the night until snoring and Sleep Apnea episodes are effectively eliminated.

Split-Night PSG
A Split-Night Sleep Study enables a physician to diagnose/confirm the presence of Sleep Apnea and determine the optimal treatment air pressure for a CPAP machine in one (1) overnight test. This study is especially beneficial if a patient has a previous known diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) (or high probability of having OSA) and after the physician has already discussed various treatment options with the patient and the patient already has a good idea of the treatment nature and value of using a CPAP machine.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)
A test designed to analyze a patient's degree of daytime sleepiness by determining how rapidly a person falls asleep. During this painless test, the patient is asked to take five (5) twenty (20)-minute naps at two (2)-hour intervals.

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